Intercooler for BMW E46 318-330d by Fasttuning

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Intercooler is the latest product in our professional range of tuning air coolers. It owes its exceptional performance to its unique core, which combines two important features: extreme cooling and maximum flow rates. Low air temperature combined with minimal pressure drop guarantees surprisingly high engine performance after remapping. This is complemented by a double-ventilated outer core that reduces the high temperature very quickly. Perfectly matched sides of the intercooler are CNC machined, guaranteeing repeatability and accuracy of mounting points and connections. Each intercooler of the serial IC and has its own unique serial number. Mounting with standard quick-release couplings

Core dimensions: 550 mm x 168 mm x 120 mm


The intercooler fits:

BMW E46 318d (85kw/116PS) , 2003 with M47N engine

BMW E46 320d/Cd/td (100-110KW/136-150PS), 2003 with M47N engine

BMW E46 330d/Cd/xd (135-150KW/184-204PS), 2003 with M57N engine

Intercooler does not fit 320D with M -Paket